Great Names Make a Great Business! : Council.Club (Video)

At we believe that a great business needs a great name. Your business’s name becomes your identity, your brand, and your goodwill. So it is essential to make sure you have a great name for your business! On this month’s featured, .CLUB business, we are talking about – A great business with a great domain name.

I am sure with COVID-19 a lot of us are working from home. Remote working does have many benefits such as the flexibility of your schedule, the zero-commute time, and of course the comfort. However, many of us miss the business environment, the water cooler talks, the brainstorming sessions, and many small but important things a workplace offers us. Although there a few fully online businesses that can work well remotely and already do, the majority of companies in the world have been using the physical model of working from offices. This is a significant lifestyle change that people and businesses are getting used to.

Companies are trying to find online services for doing video calls, conducting meetings, hosting, conferences, managing goals, etc. People are trying to get used to working from home, set up a system for work, change habits, and more. This could all get a bit overwhelming, and employees and entrepreneurs may find it tough to handle this.

Enter Najeeb Khan, with – a virtual co-working space for employees, business owners, and entrepreneurs. At like-minded people or virtually together to support each other. People can now have meaningful conversations, seek mentoring advice, or have some regular chit chat during work hours. For businesses,’s the platform helps them improve remote team culture and cohesion.

Watch the video of Najeeb Khan, where he talks about and also why he chose the name